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Sew much fun. . .

One way I’m finding to cut costs is to sew! There are many things that can be made inexpensively with a few simple stitches and the right fabric-things that would normally cost you ALOT more if you bought them from a store! I’ve made wipes for cloth diapering, modified some of Wes’s clothes to fit better, and most recently I made something I’ve been dying to get! A Mei Tai! Mei Tais are baby carriers that keep your little one close, are extreamly adjustable, and when sewn yourself SUPER customizable! These are NOT cheap to buy from manufacterers, and even stay-at-home moms that make them aren’t much cheaper than the mnf. I just couldn’t justify spending $40 on something I wasn’t sure would work for us (we’ve already tried sling style carriers and Wes just doesn’t fit in the right, and I”m not too fond of the Baby Bjorns).

So I found a rediculously simple guide to sewing one online and set to work. I actually didn’t spend anything to make this-I collected fabric I had laying around!! For the straps I used a table cloth that doesn’t fit our table, for the middle/heavy fabric i used a sturdy canvas I’ve had for years in the closet, flannel for the baby side, and the leftovers from Wes’s bumper fabric for the outer/decorative fabric.

Since I has to make my own pattern, and figure things out for the first time it took about 2 1/2 hours. Now that I have a pattern, and I know how to do it I could probably do it in half that time! Here are pics of me using it today:-) It’s not great looking but it was my “tester”!


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Hello world!

There are deals to be found, money to save & pennies to pinch till they scream! This blog is dedicated to my never-ending pursuit of a thrifty lifestyle that doesn’t sacrifice quality!

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