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logoJust thought I’d share with you that E.L.F (eye lips face) one if my fave and super cheap makeup companies has great coupon codes…ALL THE TIME. I signed up for their email list and I swear I get at least two or three coupon codes a weeks- I just got one last week for two free items with a $10 purchase-Since a lot of their makeup is on $1 (some is $3 some is $5) I ended up getting 10 items for ten dollars (the two free items were from their snazzy new studio line of makeup that I swear looks like stuff I’ve spent $25 on in Sephora!). Plus they gave me a free item for referring some friends to them. I just got a code this morning for %75 of their line of all natural mineral makeup! So I had to just peek-I ended up getting mineral foundation and lip gloss for $8 shipped. The items were almost free with shipping! I’m not sure if I can post the code on here (don’t want to get in trouble) but if you’d like it I think i could email or Facebook it too you! But please, go sign up for their emails-you won’t be sorry!


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the poop on diapers

SO…I’ve finally gotten around to figuring out some of the more practical applications (THE MONEY) of cloth diapering. My husband and I decided to give them a try for one reason. . .to save money. We didn’t realize the other benefits until we really got into it-but since that was, and continues to be our main reason for covering our little ones bum with something soft, I wanted to break down why exactly it will save us, and why it will help keep me at home with my baby.

First off I want to say that all my calculations are just that, MY calculations. Their based on my experience, and my research. No two babies, and no two parents are the same so the numbers will be different for everyone. There are always ways to get things cheep, even disposable diapers, and if that’s the way you’re saving money-good for you! I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do! I just wanted to share what I’ve found in my endless quest to be thrifty!

Ok….disposables. I did use disposables…for the first two months in fact. We got some as gifts, and we bought some because I was honestly a little intimidated by the whole cloth idea. I was scared to do it! We bought several different brands of diapers, i even used coupons on the ones I could, but the cheapest i could get good diapers for was about 20 cents each (give or take a few pennies), so that is the number I’m going to use in my calculations. If i were to continue to use “sposies” till Wes potty trained (lets say I’m super lucky and he trains around 2!)  it would cost approx. 1164.80. That’s with changing him an average of 8 times in a 24 hour period(just from my experience). This calculation does no include wipes, diaper cream, or the diaper pail.

Now….cloth. I tried a few different brands, but the one I found works the best for us is a One Size Coolababy Pocket Diaper. That means this diaper will fit Wes from now until potty training (hopefully!). It has three size settings and an adjustable waist to help fit all different sized babies. They are made up of a waterproof outer layer, a soft fleece inner layer that keeps the moisture away from baby’s bottom, and a microfiber insert you slip in between them to absorb the dirties.  I paid around $6 each with shipping brand new(some i purchased from other moms who didn’t like them and so they were a bit cheaper). I have 20 diapers (which is plenty for us). So for the diapers I paid approx $120. But Wait there’s more! for another $20 I got the rest of the things I needed as well. . .a diaper pail, two waterproof bags to line the pail, a smaller one for the diaper bag, and two dozen or more wipes. So that’s $140 for everything we’ll need to diaper Wes from 2 months-24 months (approx.).

Already that’s a savings of $1004.80! Of course we plan on having more than one child, and we hope that God blesses us with many. If we take proper care of our diapers we could potentially used them for more than just Wes!

Some people have asked me about the cost of washing the diapers. Honestly we only pay our water bill twice a year and we haven’t gotten one since we started with the cloth. BUT, with a baby you’re doing a little more laundry anyway, and I can get away with washing diapers every other day to every two days. I do a small load, and a few rinses which seems to me to be the equivalent of one large load. So i probably do 3 extra loads of laundry a week with the cloth diapers. Is that over two years going to add up to over $1000…I don’t think so. Our city does water by units, so I’m not sure exactly what it would take to go over the 2 units we use a year, but i don’t think this will make that much of a dent.

This is just our personal estimations. Every family is different. Some people can do it even more cheaply than we are; by using less diapers (we started with just 8-10) or by using the old fashion diapers with the new, better covers (which also come in one size!). I’ve heard of some mom’s who’ve gotten together a whole system for under $100! And again-this can be used for more than one child! It’s customizable to every situation and family, which is what makes it so awesome.

It not difficult at all to take care of the diapers. . .if i can do it anyone can! There are just a few do’s and don’ts to follow and you’re good!

I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that come with cloth diapering, but this is already a long post-and the point was to show the money saving aspect! But be sure there’s more to come!

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you don’t have far to look if you’re looking to score some awesome, and totally FREE baby things! Tons of blogs and companies do giveaways, monthly, weekly, even daily! One such place is Project Nursery! You can find them on facebook, twitter and at their website! They are currently running a giveaway for a GORGEOUS organic baby blanket made by a mama! Seriously, I couldn’t afford to buy one of these for my little guy-but they’re SO beautiful-I want one! hurry over and enter to win!

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Did you think (for those two of you who read my makeup blog) I’d just stop blogging about makeup now? No, no, no. . .I couldn’t. I still love makeup and beauty products, but mamahood has taken over and thus my makeup routine and the money I spend on beauty products has changed! Now I’m reevaluating my stash, and trying to streamline. I have so much that I’ve used once or twice, but now sits collecting dust at the bottom of my makeup box! I also don’t have the time to spend 20 minutes doing a “face” when I’d rather be spending the time getting out and doing things! So combining all those desires I’ve come up with a  quick and pretty (and CHEAP) mama face that’ll last all day.

Here’s the routine:

1. Apply Jergens Gradual Tinted Moisturizer in Medium/Tan $2.99(during Kmart doubles week-but still pretty cheap with a coupon any other time-this stuff lasts a long time!)

2. Apply TINY amount of Monistat anti chaffing gel as a primer $5.99 (this step I haven’t been doing in the summer because I ran out of my product and sometimes it feels kinda warm with that extra layer)

3. Apply Clinique Concealer $14.99 (this is ABSOLUTELY worth a little more money-and it’s still not bad-the stuff lasts longer than you should prob. use it!)

4. Apply tinted moisturizer if it’s a hot day (I like Physician’s Formula for $12.99-again this stuff LASTS), or on milder days I apply Benefit’s Hello Flawless in Honey (this is expensive-I got it as a birthday gift!) but really just insert your favorite foundation here-mineral is great and not too expensive. Some of the cheaper makeup lines are coming out with their own!

5. Apply a blush or bronzer….Some days I use Hard Candy So Cal Bronzer ($3 at Five Below) others I use NYC Peach Blush ($2.99)

6. (optional) Wetting my eyeshadow brush (helps “cement” eyeshadow for long wear) I then apply Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadow in Gold Digger (I got this on clerance when they revamped their line a couple weeks ago for $3 i think!) Even without the sale however their eyeshadows aren’t too expensive, especially if you get a pallette, they are long wearing, vibrant and contain lots of product!

7. Apply NYC waterproof eye pencil in brown 3.99. LOVE this. It really does stay on all day, and washes off easily with any face wash! I line top and bottom with a little “kitten eye” for some glam (flipping out the top line just a tad to give drama!)

8. Apply ELF Earth & Water Mascara in Brown. I have a ton of mascaras but i keep coming back to this-I only ever use the waterproof side, but I love the color, the texture and it’s super easy to get off (again just a good facial cleanser will suffice). Oh-and it’s the cheapest of the look coming in at only $1. You can now get ELF at Kmart (limited selection) or go to their website eyeslipsface.com. I’ve tried a bunch oftheir products and don’t really have anything negative-they are constantly improving and providing low cost, quality makeup. They even have minerals!

9. (Optional) I set everything with a dusting of face powder. I love Avon Pressed Face Powder Mill (I think that’s the name!). This nifty little thing is a HUGE amount of Pressed Face Powder that you can turn a little wheel and and it creates a loose powder-and only what you need! I LOVE this product but I couldn’t find it on the website, so I’m not sure they still sell it. I believe it was $5.99 and way more product than I could ever use before expiration, even when I used it every single day! Sometimes I even used it as foundation, and it has excellent coverage!

10. (optional) take a squirt bottle, holding it at least a foot from your face and gently mist your face. Let it air dry and it sets everything nicely! Just be careful not to do anything but mist or you’ll get running in the foundation area! This is FREE-and works great for setting mineral foundation!

So that’s it! 10 steps sounds like alot but it really doesn’t take more then 10 minutes once you get it down. Of course all steps are really optional, some days I only feel like eyeliner & mascara! Hope this is helpful!

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it WILL happen to you too…if you choose to use cloth too! It becomes an accessory-another cute thing, that’s also ridiculously functional for your baby.  There is no limit to the variety of cloth diapers you can get, styles, colors, prints….it’s endless. Just when you think you’re all set you see something cute and then you convince yourself that you need it! But it’s OK because you’ll get as much, if not more use out of one little cloth diaper than you will out of a BOX of disposable diapers!

If you’re looking to try out cloth diapering there are tons of stay at home moms who make them for reasonable prices, which are SUPER cute and customizable! Check out one such here @ http://designerclothdiapers.com/! her store just went live today!!

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Free?…Free is good

hi all,

Ok if some of you remember I posted on facebook a few weeks ago that o got $30 worth of stuff for 56 cents (tax). Well it was more like over $80 worth of stuff for just tax! Kmart was doubling coupons up to $2 (which means a $2 coupon goes to $4!!). So I got a TON of stuff for FREE!

They’re doing it again this week, and its probably the last of this year-so GET THE HENCE to a KMART!!! I’m serious when I say it’s worth the printing and cutting-FREE! I got deoderant, dishsoap, facewash, cleaners, cereal….and more! You can look up printable coupons at couponmom.com, coupons.com and just plain google printable coupons. You cam also go to mnf. websites and print coupons too! I don’t have to time to list all the good deals-but they are plenty! If you’re lucky and have a printer that copies too you don’t have to worry about online coupon limits-just print one and copy it as many times as you like! I printed ONE huggies 1.50 off coupon-and copied it a ton of times-now i have a storehouse of huggies wipes to give as shower gifts!



Since the little man is taking a nap (insert hallelujah chorus) I thought I’d quickly post some of the deals I got and plan on getting at Kmart.

Huggies Wipes-$1.50 off any Huggies product coupon (printed online) double to 2.29 & 2.79 Off so i got 8 tubs of Huggies wipes for FREE

Ajax/Palmolive $1 off(online coupon)-Doubled to 1.79 off 20oz bottle of Ajax @ 1.79 making it FREE

Dove Ultimate Deoderant (online coupon) $2 off-doubled to 3.99 the sale price so they were FREE

I also got Scotch Tape for Free, Scott Paper towels for free, and Kotex for free!!

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