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Hi mamas! Just wanted to share my new hobby with you all! It’s super easy, fun and VERY thrifty!

After seeing how expensive baby food is these days, even with coupons, and my quest for trying to make as many things homemade/natural for my family I decided to give making homemade baby food a try! I was nervous at first-but I checked out this great site, http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ and i got alot of tips and advice there on what to do. I learned that traditional canning is NOT good for babyfood, and that freezing is the best option.

Here’s what i did to make and freeze my baby food!

#1-decided on the fresh produce you’d like to use; I did peaches, apple, sweet potatoes & pears for the first round. We’ve had GREAT luck with peaches since they’re really sweet-Wes never blinked twice, he just gobbled it up! It’s been easy mixing other things in with the peaches for him to get used to as well. Sweet Potatoes have really great vitamins and lots of iron in the so we’re doing those alot too!

#2-WASH WASH WASH your produce. If you can afford organic do it-i wish we could, i would do it in a heartbeat for baby food-but we can’t! So I soaked alot of the fruit and veggies and scrubbed good!

#3-now this next part is contingent on having a Food Mill like this (you can do it without but seriously it’s worth buying the mill-it cuts your whole time in at LEAST half). If you have a Food Mill then all you need to do (for peaches, apples, pears) is cut into quarters(remove peach pit) no need to de-seed, or peel. Pop them into a dutch oven or large pot with about 2 inches of water. You can pretty much fill the pot with fruit, it will All cook down into a sauce.

#4-simmer on medium to med-low heat for a while, maybe an hour, maybe more depending on how much you have. stir and keep an eye on it so none burns or sticks to the bottom!

#5-once it has a good mushy, sauce like consistancy remove from heat. Get two bowls, one for your sauce and one for your scraps.

#6-Place food mill over the sauce bowl. Start ladling the cooked fruit into the food mill. Don’t fill it TOO full, i found some space makes it go quicker. The Food mill does the rest for you! it smushed the sauce down into the bowl and keeps the seed &  peels in the mill. SUPER EASY!

#7-there are two options for freezing that are safe,  Iused both. One is to get the BALL freezing jars(blue label) regular BALL/MASON jars will not work for this-they will explode in the freezer. these are simple, just prewash everything, and then ladle the baby food into them and seal. I found that with the 12 pack of 4 oz jars I felt like i barely made a dent in the apple sauce!  The other option is to freeze them in ice cube trays. I like this option the best. I have 5 trays so it takes some time but i think it’s worth it! I just ladle the baby food in there, after sterylizing them, and then pop them in our freezer. once they are good and hard i just pop them out and them put them in a ziplock freezer bag. Then when i need them i can take out however many i need, and it allows me to mix fruits and veggies without having a bunch of containers in my fridge that i have to use before they go bad!

To melt them I just pop them in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds, and then mash them.

My wes is a BIG eater-he usually has 3 cubes per meal (B,L & D) which i’ve found is about a full baby food jar….so if we were buy jars we’d be spending a FORTUNE! This really is addictive-I’m already thinking of other fruits and veggies that i can make! The possibilities are endless!

Hope this helps some other mamas!


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