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I’m totally going to bite off of another blog right now. I just adore Just Another Day In Paradise, she’s so creative and funny and today she posted her Happiness List. A remind of all the wonderful things she has to be thankful for and happy about, to look at on those less than perfect days.

Oh my dear, as soon as I read it I felt like a giant finger appeared and came poking out of the screen at me!

I’ve been having a HARD year. I feel like I’ve been getting my but kicked seven ways to sunday since last summer. A screaming baby that turned into a whiny screaming toddler, a house that constantly dissapoints and sucks our money…and so much more have made me so angry and depressed this year that sometimes it’s hard for me to find anything to be happy about. But the instant I read this I started to think of all the things I have to be happy about (ergo THANKFUL for) and it’s a list that I could, and plan to keep adding to. Here’s just a taste, and I encourage all you (three) that read this to do the same!


  • Laughing at my baby’s silly sense of humor
  • That my baby is smart as a whip about something and totally retarded about others (men!)
  • The sense of accomplishment I feel when I FINISH something
  • My sisters who are beautiful and generous and wonderful
  • My mommy who is always there to help when I need it
  • My brothers who make me laugh, even if it’s AT them
  • I have fun and wonderful grandparents, and grandparent-in-laws
  • I married the geek and I’m so glad I did
  • No matter how bad things are a book always makes it better
  • Someday I’ll know why crap happens and I’ll say “OH I get it”
  • That there’s something called forever and I’m going to be part of it
  • My bedroom looks awesome
  • Getting something I’ve been waiting for and it being exactly what I wanted
  • When I do something creative and it works!
  • Jesus loves me this is know

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it hasn’t been forever since I last posted something, ok? Never mind that I do this all too often on any blogs that I have put my name to, I’m going to keep pretending like I’m an avid blogger. There.

Ok so deals, deals, deals. That’s what I’m supposed to put here right? I’m going to be totally honest here and say that I really haven’t been doing a whole lot of deals lately. :GASP: I know. Me the queen of wait-there’s-got-to-be-a-coupon-for-that-just-let-me-check hasn’t been pinching her pennies?!? No I actually have, but not half as much as I was previously. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a day or two where my hubby comes in and I attack him with “GUESSHOWMUCHIPAIDFORTHISTHINGYHEREJUSTGUESSGOONGUESS?!?” and I smile demurely and squeal about how I got paid to take said thingy home. BUT it’s happening alot less right now. . . and I’m learning to be ok with that.

See right now we’re in a season. You know, that beatles song “Turn, Turn, Turn” passage in the Bible where they go on listing all the stuff that happens in life and all? Well basically it’s saying stuff’s gonna happen and you’re gonna have to adapt. Adapt, react, readapt, act. So I’ve had to do some of that recently since the season we’re in isen’t allowing me much time for…well…anything. As I type this my little conscience (not the cricket kind) is poking me with a sharp object and reprimanding me for blogging when I should be. . .doing about 5 billion other things. See we’re trying to fix up our (very) humble abode here so that we can make a big change, hopefully for the better, in our life. We’re not sure what exactly is going to happen, but we know what NEEDS to happen is get this place in shape. NO. SMALL. FEAT. Seriously, think, have you ever been to my house? Maybe? Probably not. Because we have so much unfinishedness around here its crazy. So right now we’re trying to do ALL of that in a small amout of time. With the W in tow. So yeah, all that to say that I haven’t had time for deals. I even went to Walmart two weeks ago and just loaded up my cart with stuff WITHOUT coupons. I died a little inside. But Hubby keeps saying it’s just a season, and someday I can obsess over not spending money and getting things again soon. :crosses fingers and whispers a silent prayer:

BUT don’t let that stop YOU. Keep checking out those lovely ladies I’ve previously mentioned who make it their job to keep you informed on deals. Even if you do one a week you’re saving your family tons of moola! I’m trying to adapt by planning one day a week to do my deals. I get myself all ready for it, and if it doesn’t go my way-oh well! I guess I’ll either have to bite the bullet and actually pay for that package of chicken, or we’ll have sausage spaghetti again tonight!

MY point is to try and encourage you to do what I’m learning to do; do what you can, when you can, and don’t sweat what you can’t. I need to follow these words too. I’m a weight of the world kind of person-just ask HUBBY-I think I have to do everything, for everyone, all the time. But when they’re paint running down the wall, a toddler screaming at me and ripping up my favorite book, and I have nothing but7 bottles of  ketchup and french onion soup mix in the pantry, I HAVE to just let go and spend the money. And remind myself someday I’ll get to have a cashier tell me I’m stealing again.

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