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I’m totally going to bite off of another blog right now. I just adore Just Another Day In Paradise, she’s so creative and funny and today she posted her Happiness List. A remind of all the wonderful things she has to be thankful for and happy about, to look at on those less than perfect days.

Oh my dear, as soon as I read it I felt like a giant finger appeared and came poking out of the screen at me!

I’ve been having a HARD year. I feel like I’ve been getting my but kicked seven ways to sunday since last summer. A screaming baby that turned into a whiny screaming toddler, a house that constantly dissapoints and sucks our money…and so much more have made me so angry and depressed this year that sometimes it’s hard for me to find anything to be happy about. But the instant I read this I started to think of all the things I have to be happy about (ergo THANKFUL for) and it’s a list that I could, and plan to keep adding to. Here’s just a taste, and I encourage all you (three) that read this to do the same!


  • Laughing at my baby’s silly sense of humor
  • That my baby is smart as a whip about something and totally retarded about others (men!)
  • The sense of accomplishment I feel when I FINISH something
  • My sisters who are beautiful and generous and wonderful
  • My mommy who is always there to help when I need it
  • My brothers who make me laugh, even if it’s AT them
  • I have fun and wonderful grandparents, and grandparent-in-laws
  • I married the geek and I’m so glad I did
  • No matter how bad things are a book always makes it better
  • Someday I’ll know why crap happens and I’ll say “OH I get it”
  • That there’s something called forever and I’m going to be part of it
  • My bedroom looks awesome
  • Getting something I’ve been waiting for and it being exactly what I wanted
  • When I do something creative and it works!
  • Jesus loves me this is know

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it hasn’t been forever since I last posted something, ok? Never mind that I do this all too often on any blogs that I have put my name to, I’m going to keep pretending like I’m an avid blogger. There.

Ok so deals, deals, deals. That’s what I’m supposed to put here right? I’m going to be totally honest here and say that I really haven’t been doing a whole lot of deals lately. :GASP: I know. Me the queen of wait-there’s-got-to-be-a-coupon-for-that-just-let-me-check hasn’t been pinching her pennies?!? No I actually have, but not half as much as I was previously. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a day or two where my hubby comes in and I attack him with “GUESSHOWMUCHIPAIDFORTHISTHINGYHEREJUSTGUESSGOONGUESS?!?” and I smile demurely and squeal about how I got paid to take said thingy home. BUT it’s happening alot less right now. . . and I’m learning to be ok with that.

See right now we’re in a season. You know, that beatles song “Turn, Turn, Turn” passage in the Bible where they go on listing all the stuff that happens in life and all? Well basically it’s saying stuff’s gonna happen and you’re gonna have to adapt. Adapt, react, readapt, act. So I’ve had to do some of that recently since the season we’re in isen’t allowing me much time for…well…anything. As I type this my little conscience (not the cricket kind) is poking me with a sharp object and reprimanding me for blogging when I should be. . .doing about 5 billion other things. See we’re trying to fix up our (very) humble abode here so that we can make a big change, hopefully for the better, in our life. We’re not sure what exactly is going to happen, but we know what NEEDS to happen is get this place in shape. NO. SMALL. FEAT. Seriously, think, have you ever been to my house? Maybe? Probably not. Because we have so much unfinishedness around here its crazy. So right now we’re trying to do ALL of that in a small amout of time. With the W in tow. So yeah, all that to say that I haven’t had time for deals. I even went to Walmart two weeks ago and just loaded up my cart with stuff WITHOUT coupons. I died a little inside. But Hubby keeps saying it’s just a season, and someday I can obsess over not spending money and getting things again soon. :crosses fingers and whispers a silent prayer:

BUT don’t let that stop YOU. Keep checking out those lovely ladies I’ve previously mentioned who make it their job to keep you informed on deals. Even if you do one a week you’re saving your family tons of moola! I’m trying to adapt by planning one day a week to do my deals. I get myself all ready for it, and if it doesn’t go my way-oh well! I guess I’ll either have to bite the bullet and actually pay for that package of chicken, or we’ll have sausage spaghetti again tonight!

MY point is to try and encourage you to do what I’m learning to do; do what you can, when you can, and don’t sweat what you can’t. I need to follow these words too. I’m a weight of the world kind of person-just ask HUBBY-I think I have to do everything, for everyone, all the time. But when they’re paint running down the wall, a toddler screaming at me and ripping up my favorite book, and I have nothing but7 bottles of  ketchup and french onion soup mix in the pantry, I HAVE to just let go and spend the money. And remind myself someday I’ll get to have a cashier tell me I’m stealing again.

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I know I’m a weirdo. But I do love little diapered booties. There is just something so adorable about a little baby bum in a diaper, whether it be a cloth or disposable-I love it when little ones run around in just them! If you’re like me and have a little one that’s in diaps, and you’re a disposable user (whether by choice or NOT-that’s me) this is a good week for you! Of course you have to like huggies for this-but seriously, who doesn’t like Huggies….OK i know some people don’t, but they’re just THE BEST for me!!!

SO here’s what I’ve done and plan on doing at Rite Aid this week to take advantage of their diaper deals!

TRansaction #1

Buy 1 Huggies Little Swimmers Pants @ 6.99

buy 4 Tubs of Huggies Wipes (if you get the regular plain ones there are 12 more in them)@2.50 each

buy 1 Trial Size Pkg. of Rite Aid Tuggaboos Diapers @.99 cents

buy 6 Hershey’s Special Dark @ 50 cents each

Use $5 off $20 Rite Aid Video Value coupon

use $1.50 off Huggies Little Swimmers Coupon on Coupons.com

use (2) $2 off 2 Huggies Wipe Tubs Coupons on Coupons.com

use $1 off Tugaboos Diapers (I got this when I picked up a trial pack before-so i just keep rolling it and getting free ones)

use (3) Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hershey’s Special Dark Bar Coupon (4/18/10 SmartSource)

Pay 7.88 OOP recieve $1 SCR for Huggies Swim Pants

IF you don’t have some of the coupons from the paper i did you can easily substitute from this weeks paper. Instead of the candy bars and the trial pack of diapers, just but 1 bottle of Finness Shampoo or Conditioner for 3.99. Use the $1 off 1 Finness Product Coupon from the 5/16/10 Smart Source. Your total after coupons will be $9.48 but the submit for the Finess REbate for $3. Then your total after the Finess Rebate AND the Huggies SCR is 5.48!!! Even less than mine!!! I wanted to use up my candy bar coupons, but I’m going to be using the finness for another transaction.

NOW Huggies Jumbo packs are 8.99 this week, and Rite aid has an SCR for buy 5 Jumbo packs get 1 free (you will be mailed a voucher for a free pack of huggies from rite aid, but if you look at it from a money standpoint they are giving you back $8.99 or $1.80 per jumbo pack) SO since there are some great high value coupons out there for Huggies this is definitely a good time to stock up. Here’s what I’m going to do.

Transaction #2

Buy 2 Huggies Jumbo Packs @ 8.99 each(my Rite Aid has the Huggies Jean Diapers-VERY CUTE)

Buy 1 Finness Shampoo @ 3.99

use $5 off $20 RAVV coupon

use (2) $3 off Little Movers Coupon from Coupons.com or Huggies Facebook

use $1 off Finness Coupon

Total Out of pocket  $9.97

Recieve $3 Mail in REbate for Finess so $6.97 total

Transaction #3

Buy 2 Huggies Jumbos @ 8.99 each

buy 1 Tugaboo Trial pack @ 99 cents

but 2 Hershey’s special Dark Bars @ 50 cents each

use $5 off $20 RAVV coupon

use (2) $3 off Little Movers Coupon from Coupons.com or Huggies Facebook

use  Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hershey’s Special Dark Bar Coupon (4/18/10 SmartSource)

use $1 off Tugaboos Diapers

Total OOP 7.47

Transaction #4

Buy 1 huggies Jumbo pack @ 8.99

buy 4 Huggies Wipes Tubs @ 2.50 each

buy 1 Tugaboos trial pack @ 99 cents

use $5 off $20 RAVV coupon

use $3 off Little Movers Coupon from Coupons.com or Huggies Facebook

use (2) $2 off 2 Huggies Wipes Tubs from coupons.com

use $1 tugaboos diapers coupon

pay 6.98 OOP

so here it is-after all rebates-19.31 for 6 packs of Huggies Diapers, 1 Pack of Little Swimmers, Finness Product, 8 Hershey Bars, 3 Trial pks of Diapers & 8 Tubs of Huggies Wipes!!! That averages out to 71 cents per item!!!! NOT a bad deal to me-and I’m a super cheapskate. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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to the list of things that are Free/Cheap at Kmart this week. I’m just going to dive right in:

Nature Source Cleaning Wipes 2 for $6-Used 2 $1 off Peelies= $2 for both!

4 Hunts Ketchups @ $1 each-used (2) $1 off 2 Hunts Ketchups from April All You(you can buy it at Walmart)=FREE

2 Sobee Life Waters 1.49 each-Use BOGO Sobee Life Water coupon =FREE (I actually paid 98 cents for these-they should have been free but my cashier totally messed up my coupons and didn’t end up using this coupon and scanning another one twice)

My total was 3.19, again it would have been less had she scanned the Sobee Q correctly, but still a great deal!

Other things I’ve nottice that will be a good deal are:

Covergirl Single Eyeshadows-2.89-use $1 off any CG product Q(this weeks insert)=.89 cents

Cover Girl Brow and Eye Liners-2.89-use $1 off any CG product Q(this weeks insert)=.89 cents

Oral B Crossaction toothbrushes-2 for $7-use 2 $2 off 1 Oral B Q (this weeks insert)=FREE

Also if you spend $20 in huggies products you get a free Juicy Juice product. I still haven’t figured out a good work up for this, but if you need diapers anyway this might be worth it!

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ok! I’ve been to Kmart twice already and gotten some decent deals. Anyone hesitant to go, you should at least give it a looksie and you might find some good deals. here’s what i got:

5 Gillette BW on sale $4-Use 5 $2 off Qs=FREE

1 Green Works All Purpose Cleaner 2.89-Use $1 off 1 peelie=.89 cent

2 Oral B toothbruses 2.79 each-Use bogo oral b Q=.79 for both (Bogo Qs double to $2)

1 Dove Ultimate Deoderant 3.49-Use $2 off 1 Dove=FREE

Bic Soleil single razor $2.50-use $2 off 1 Bic Q=FREE

I’ll be going back today and can update on what I get at a different Kmart (I have noticed that the Deptford Kmart is cheeper than the Glassboro and Vineland Kmart).

If YOU get any good deals make sure to share them!

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Oh yes. It’s true. This week is none other than….KMART DOUBLES WEEK!!! Don’t know what that is? Simple-it’s the week that Kmart doubles all coupons UP to $2, so that $2 off (insert product here) coupon becomes a $4 coupon!!!! Last time they did this (way back in Sept.) I got SO many thing for free it was rediculous. We still have cereal, dish soap, hand soap, and baby wipes that I got back then for pennies! This time Kmart IS going to be more strict about a limit on how many coupons you use, and while I think it’s a little excessive considering this is one of the only times of the year that they make any money at all, it’s still worth the trip for me!

What you’ll need to do to cash in on the savings is go to Kmart.com and sign up for a rewards card. At the end it will give you the option of printing a temporary card…DO IT. I signed up 3 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten my actual card yet. There are no stated rules about how many cards per household, so I signed my hubby up for one too. I won’t go as far as sign up Wesley since he’s not old enough to do a transaction (yes that’s my criteria for any sort or rewards/coupon limitation) but it’s up to you how many you feel comfortable getting. The limits go like this: you must use your Kmart Rewards Card to get the doubled coupons, only 5 coupons will double in a transaction, one per person per day. NOW, I have been reading online that stores/the computers are doing this PER store. So some people are taking their card to another Kmart and getting another 5 coupons doubled in the same day. I probably won’t go try that only because I have alot on my plate this week and I don’t have the time to make a 30 minute trip on a chance. Two transactions a day with mine and hubby’s card are enough for me!

There are also some “double dip” deals you might be able to take advantage of, including the one I’m doing a P&G rebate for $10 Gift Card when you purchase $25 of select merchandise. I will report back on what I end up doing with that. It’s always a good idea to check out what other people are doing, deals their finding so check out Afullcup.com and click on the Kmart link. If you have any questions about what to do, or even need some coupons let me know!

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Just wanted to share some quick deals you should take advantage of this week!

First, anyone with a baby know that baby stuff, especially food and formula can be expensive. Rite Aid has a great SCR this month on Gerber baby food & formula products, which I took advantage of today! Here’s the deal I did:

Buy1 Gerber Good Start 2 Formula @ 19.99

Buy 3 Gerber Apple Juices @ 2.99


Use $5 off $25 Rite Aid Coupon

use $5 off any Good Start 2 Coupon (these are sent out in the home mailers)

use $2 off any Good Start Formula Rite Aid Video Value Q (april)

use B2G1 any gerber baby food/juice products RAVV Q

OOP total=19.97

the BEST part is that the Gerber SCR for April goes with this, so I will get back $10! Making my purchase total for all that just $3.97! IF you don’t have the gerber formual coupons, or don’t need gerber formula let me know what coupons you DO have and I can help you work out a deal. There’s always ebay to find coupons as well!

Also this week Walgreens is doing some great Free After REgister Rewards items (FARR). Here are the deal I’m going to be taking advantage of:

Dove Hair Care Products $4 on sale

recieve $4 RRs =FREE after RRs (if you printed the Dove Hair Care $2 off coupon last week this is a Money Maker)

Dentek floss $2

REcieve $2 RR=Free after RR

Dulcolax $1o on sale

Recieve $10 RR=FREE (there is a $4 off Dulcolax printable coupon on their webite making this a MM as well!)

Walgreens Multivitamins on sale $3

REcieve $3 RR= Free afre RRs

With the exception of the Dulcolax all the items are things I will use so I’m going to do several transactions, and since I started off with $6 in RRs I will have very low (tax) OOP to pay. Even though I don’t need the Dulcolax I do want that $10 RR so I will be making money on it in my various deals, and will try to find a place to donate it.

Also going to hit up CVS this week since I have several ECBs that expire on Sunday. Two of the deals I plan on taking advantage of are:

Huggies diapers 2 Jumbos for 17.98

REcieve $5 ECB WYB 2

since I have so many ECBs right now AND I have those high value Huggies coupons for $3 off (print them on their facebook page), I sohuld walk away pay little to nothing for the diapers and getting ECBs back!

Also this week they have a great ECB deal on Nexxus hair products spend $20 get $10. That alone isen’t a bad deal considering Nexxus is a good, salon brand BUT on top of that there are $2 off any Nexxus product coupons out there. Once I figure out a good deal I will let you know, but this could be a MM especially if you already have ECBs to use (ie if you get your OOP lower than $10 and pay with ECBs you will MAKE money on ECBs–get it?)

any deals YOU are finding this week?

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