Hey all,

Acme is currently doing a great Catalina deal on Frozen items and General Mills Items. I decided to take advantage of this great deal and some coupon matchups. I am still not sure if it is a rolling deal (meaning if you can use the coupon that the computer spits out on the next GM transaction and have it spit out another coupon), but I hope so!

A more comprehensive list of included items and prices can be found at afullcup.com and acmemarkets.com. Also I wants to let everyone know that my local Acme DOES in fact double coupons with a value of up to 99 cents. The associate I spoke to on the phone last week was not correct. I think I’ll be going to Acme alot more now that I know this!

General Mills buy $20 Worth of Participating Products and Receive a $7 coupon

My transaction

5 Pkgs. Betty Crocker Cookie Mix @ 1.67 Each

2 Boxes Betty Crocker Cake Mix @ 1.00 Each

2 Pouches Betty Crocker Potatoes @ 1.00 each

2 Boxes Betty Crocker Muffin Mix @ 2/$4

2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls @ 2/$4

Use 5 40 cents off BC Cookie Mix Q

2 75 cents off BC cake mix Q

2 40 cents off BC potatoes Q

2 50 cents off BC Muffin Mix Q

2 95 cents off Sweet Rolls Q

$2 Off Acme Purchase (survey on previous receipt)

Total before coupons=20.35

Total after coupons=4.10

Received $7 Coupon on next purchase

If this is a rolling deal I’m planning on going back to get some of the other items included in the promotion! If anyone needs help putting together a deal let me know-I’m happy to help!


Target Deal 2/21

So I felt like I needed to share the current awesome deals target has going on right now that anyone can take advantage of!

All you need is a copy of the sunday paper, and a printer!

This is everything I got (minus one pkg of cookies,Huggies Wipes and Scotch Fur Fighter)…..for $7.12!

Here’s how YOU can do it too!

Buy TWO Gillette Men’s Body Washes (8 oz) for 1.99 each

Use $4 off 2 Gillette Body Washes Q (P&G Insert 2/21)

FREE plus possible 2 cent overage (depending on your target)

Buy 1 Gillette Clinical Strength deodorant at 1.99

Use $3 off 1 Clinical Strength Deoderant Q (P&G Insert 2/21)

FREE with possible $1.01 overage (depending on your target)

Buy 6 Keelber Fudge Shoppe Cookies @ 1.52 each

Use 2 $1 off 3 Keebler Target Printable Coupon

Pay 7.12 Receive a $5 Target Gift Card

Buy 1 Scotch Fur Fighter @ 3.99

Use $4 off 1 Fur Fighter Starter Kit printable Q

FREE with possible 1 cent overage

Buy 1 Stony Field Yogurt @ 3.49

Do all the above in ONE transaction, then Get the Refill Pkg of Huggies Wipes on sale for $5.49.

Use $1 off Huggies Wipes Target Coupon Peelie on some Huggies Diaper Pgks.

Pay with $5 Gift Card

Pay nothing and have 49 cents left on your card!

You’re probably thinking I should have paid more RIGHT, because I DIDN’T have a coupon for the yogurt (I actually had one with me but I couldn’t get it out since SOMEONE wanted me to hold him). Well the reason I actually didn’t pay for the yogurt (or only paid a few cents is because I DID get an overage on all the Gillette Coupons and since I had several of them my overage was enough to cover the yogurt. I’m not going to say every target will do this-nor every cashier since in their policy it states that the coupon can/will be manually changed to fit the item if it’s less, BUT sometimes the will just put it through the computer anyway. I was NOT expecting an overage, so you shouldn’t either!

Hope you all get a chance to get these deals, even if it is crazy out there!

Know Your Rights

Sometimes as an avid couponer you get an awesome deal you weren’t expecting-something’s on sale or the coupon doubles or there’s another coupon out there you didn’t know about that you end up using at the last minute! Those times are great-but there are other situations that are a couponers worst nightmare-the two worst are these:

1. Having a coupon NOT take off the amount you were expecting

2. Having a nasty cashier scrutinize your coupons and have some or all refused

I’ve had BOTH happen. In fact yesterday on my Shop Rite trip I had them both happen at the same time. I haven’t exactly run into this combination yet, but let me tell you it was incredibly frustrating! First off I was not aware that our Shop Rite’s policy was to double coupons UP TO a 99 cents. I took that as they will double it as long as it’s under 99 cents…I had those great Pillsbury coupons for 95 cents off of one and I was all excited that I’d be getting cinnamon rolls for 10 cents….but actually the only gave me an extra 5 cents! It wasn’t until I read over my receipt again that I noticed this, and called the store to check.  Not only that but the cashier I got was one of the worst I’ve ever had.

Now I understand being a cashier, I DO. I’ve done that whole fun (not) service industry/retail gig several times. I KNOW coupons can be annoying and if you’re not careful you can get into trouble! So I’m sympathetic when a cashier wants to double check to make sure a coupon is valid…BUT treating people who use coupons RUDELY and embarrassing them is NOT ok. She asked for my coupons up front which was odd, how do you know if the computer will accept a coupon unless all items have been scanned? She proceeded to read each and every word of EVERY coupon before scanning my items. Now I didn’t have a ton of items, but there were still people in line behind me with large orders. She then told me that my Hunt’s coupons were fraudulent. I responded by saying, you can only print them the number of times a sire allows and I did, since I printed them from a reputable source I did not read every number to make sure they were all different. She pulled over a manager to check them who also told me very LOUDLY, waving them that they were COPIED coupons and that I couldn’t use them. I was mortified to say the least! Back when I didn’t know about coupon fraud I didn’t know that copying them was wrong, but now I do and I would NEVER do that.  I believe you get what you can based on what the mnf. or coupon provider allows you to do, and forcing or skirting that is wrong. Then I did something I wouldn’t have done a few months ago. I told her to take the other items that I couldn’t use a coupon on BACK. When I use to get discouraged or embarrased I would give up and get the items anyway. NOT anymore-I will not be bullied by cashiers. If you can’t get the item for the price you want DON’T GET IT! It’ not worth the extra money you are spending to make a cashier happy with you!

But this incident led me to check out the coupon polices for stores in our area. This is what I found:

All the Shop Rite’s in our area (Vineland, Millville, Wiliamstown locations) are the same. They will only double up to $1, on any coupon up to 99 cents. So if you’re using a 75 cent coupon it will add 25 cents to become a$1 coupon, but nothing more. Also, only 4 LIKE coupons will be doubled (so 4 contida 75 cent ones will double and anything after that will be face value). Also they will not accept coupons with the same SKU number-even if you’re printing from a reputable site check them!

ACME-(Vineland location) they will double any coupon with a total of 75 cents or less. So your 75 cent coupon there will be $1.50! I have also had them accept more than 4 like coupons, but their SKU policy is the same.

Rite Aid-here is the corporate policy. All stores should abide by this but may add on to it. My closest one wont take more than 1 or 2 $5 off internet printed coupons. BUT some other Vineland ones will! Each store can add on thier own so call and ask.

Also very important in this whole accepting vs. not accepting coupons, the CASHIER. They have a lot of power. If their in a bad mood all the time, hate their job or have  been having a bad day, you’re in trouble. In contrast,  if you get someone who’s happy and friendly, and you are polite with them you will most likely use whatever coupons you want (within reason of course). There are several cashiers I KNOW to avoid, and some I love! If you do have issues with a cashier don’t hesitate to complain. If they don’t know the policy let the manager kindly know they should be aware of it; if they were rude they need to be corrected.

Keep all these in mind when out looking for deals and you will have a much easier time!

Usually I don’t get to post deals at the beginning of the week since I’m not ready on monday to go out and get them-but thanks to the holiday I was prepared (and had help!). Here are some deals you might want to check out this week!

Shop Rite

I got all this for $2.49.

The Contida tomato sauce (small cans) are 2 for $1. I picked up 12 cans and used 4 75 cents off of 3 coupons.They ended up all being FREE!

The Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls are a fave in our house on sunda morning-A few weeks ago there was a high value printable for 95 cents off of one! I had two of these so they ended up being $1 each (coupon doubled 5 cents).

The hunts Pasta sauce is 88 cents each! There is a printable coupon on Pathmark’s website (you don’t have to use it at pathmark) for 50 cents off of 2. This doubled taking $1 off making it 76 cents for BOTH!

The marcall TP is always 1.00, and I had two mnf. coupons from the paper for one free roll. FREE!

Dole Salad is on sale 2 for $3 (1.50 each) there is a 75 cents off of one which doubled makes it free for 1!

I actually think something got screwed up with my total, but I could be misunderstanding their coupon policy. In addition to all these I had one $2 off an order catalina from last week’s ziploc deal.

Rite Aid

I’m exicted about my deals this week at Rite Aid!

I got all the items below for around $10 OOP. I will recieve $18 in rebates!

Here’s what I did:

Scenario #1

Buy 2 Huggies Pure ‘N Natural Jumbos @ 8.99 each

Buy 1 Bayer chewables @ 2.49 each

Use $5 off $20 Rite Aid VV Coupon (february)

Use 2 $3 off Mailed Huggies Coupon

Use 2 Huggies Rite Aid VV Coupons (january)

Use 1 Bayer $1 off Printable Coupon

Use 1 Bayer $2 off Rite Aid VV Coupon (January)

Total Before Coupons=20.47

Total after coupons=4.47

Expect 1 Huggies $3 SCR from Rite Aid

Scenario #2

Buy 2 Olay Body Wash @ 18.00

Buy 2 IZZE sodas @ .99 cents each

Buy 1 clearance chocolate @ .74 cents

Use $5 off $20 Rite Aid VV Coupon (february)

Use 3 $1 off Olay Coupons (paper)

Use 3 $1 off Skin Care Wellness Coupons(february)

Use 2 75 cents off IZZE product

Total Before Coupons=20.61

Total After Coupons=5.49

Submit for $15 Olay Rebate!

As you can see I will make a profit once I receive all rebates from both transactions! I love getting paid to shop, especially when DIAPERS are included!!

I Plan on visiting CVS this week to try out their ECB program, I will report back on how that goes!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate!

So I made out with some GREAT deals this week at Walgreens! It was really my first try at using their Register Rewards system, which can get a bit confusing. I scouted blogs and Afullcup.com for deal scenarios to take advantage of their Huggies deal this week! Here’s a picture of everything I got!

My first transaction was the most Out Of Pocket spent, which was $4.49 and started with the Dove Men’s Body wash. I then used the $6 Register Reward that printed from that transaction on Huggies! I was able to use $2 printed huggies coupons, a $1 off Walgreens Huggies Coupon AND the Register Reward from the Body Wash (needed a filler item to use this properly!). from THAT i got $3 in RR from the huggies. I continues to roll the Register REwards back and forth between these two products coupled with coupons to spend mere CENTS on many transactions (the Hugges were the cheepest). I had a $15 gift card which meant I don’t think I spent More than $10 cash on all of this, but probably less! Even if I didn’t have it though I still would have spent less than $20 on all of this. I walked away with 6 pks of Huggies, 6 Dove Men’s Body Wash, 4 Candy Bars, 5 Kleenex Boxes, 3 Coloring Books (they had coupons in them) and one Valentine’s Day Card, $3 in Register Rewards and two sheets of coupons for baby products (Huggies included!).

I really enjoyed doing this deal and organized everything so it was super easy to do! I even had hubby run in for a transaction! On friday I also took advantage of the F & F discount coupon and got and EXTRA 15% off each transaction! My total on the Huggies and tissues that day was 40 CENTS!!!

If you’re interested in getting into couponing, check out these websites for guides!

Dealseekingmom.com, livingrichwithcoupons.com, forthemommas.com and afullcup.com!

So here’s the great deals I (and you!) can take advantage of this week!

Today I went to Shop Rite, to get in on their great Ziploc Deal, and get some other things i needed. Here’s what I did:

6 Zipoc EZ Zip 15 counts @ 1.69 each

2 Catalina Rice packets @ 66 cents each

2 Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Packets @ 74 cents each

1 Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce Can @ 1.39 each

1 Cinnamon Spice @ 99 cents each

1 Can Clams @ 1.69

tax=35 cents


-$4 off Catalina

-3 1.50 off 2 Ziploc Printable

– 2 50 cents off Catalina rice coupon (doubles)

total after coupons=7.44

I recieved 2 $2 off Catalinas and 1 $1 off Catalina. I will also be submitting for the SC Johnson Rebate which will give me back $10=profit of $7.56.

2nd transaction

3 Zipoc EZ Zip Bags 15 count @ 1.69 each

1 Shop Rite Syrup @ 1.69 each

3 Picsweet Steamer Veggies @ 3/$4


-$5 in previous transaction Catalinas

-$1.50 Ziploc coupon

total after coupons=4.26 (+ tax)

Recieved 1 $2 Catalinia

Total Spent Today=11.70

Total Rebates=$10, $2 Catilina

I think i did pretty good!!

Yes, yes it’s be unbelievably long since my last post. But I have a really good reason. A baby. Not just a baby. Most new moms are overwhelmed-I knew that was coming-but I also was prepared for having a baby. A normal baby. Unfortunatley me and normal are mortal enemies…so instead of a normal baby I got…well I got more than a handful. 6+ months of screaming and less than 6 hours of sleep a night kind of kicked the whole blogging thing to the curb, with steel toed boots.

Things haven’t really improved but I’m determined to blog at least once a week now, since I’m getting such good deals (something that’s very cathartic for me during this stressful time!). I don’t like to keep my deals to myself, and I know there are plenty of other mamas out there who could use a good deal!

So…..Let’s start off with what deals I’ve gotten so far this week.

Rite Aid:

3 Air-Cell Insoles

1 Blink Gell Tears

1 Crest total toothpaste

1 Physician’s Formula Bamboo Compact

1 Revlon Colorstay lipgloss

1 Jesse’s girl eyeliner pencil

4 Bags of Chex Mix

2 Quaker Old Fashion Oatmeal Canisters

3 pkgs Carfree pantiliners

1 pkg. Old Spice Razors

Total Spent= 22.62

Refunds Expected=26.94


Ok so….you’re probably wondering how the heck I’m going to MAKE money on this stuff! Well if I can do it-anyone can!!

First off you need to go to Riteaid.com and do their Video Value-you watch commercials and get coupons to use in Rite Aid stores. These are their coupons-which means they can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons. So now you’ve got all your Rite Aid coupons sqaured away, it’s time to get your Mnf. coupons. Pick up a copy or two of the sunday paper, and also go on Coupons.com, smartsource.com, and redplum.com. They’ve got plenty of good mnf. coupons you can print out to stack with your Rite Aid coupons. Also, it’s helpful to just google rite aid deals for the week, other bloggers do the work of matching up deals for you so you just pick what you want and get the coupons you need for it!

SO-here’s an example of how to do this and get something for free.

Chex mix: 99 cents this week

Rite Aid Video Value Coupon: $1 off 2 chex mix

Mnf Coupons from Coupons.com: 50 cents off 1 Chex mix

Buy two chex mix for: 1.98 + Tax

-$1 RA Coupon

-$1 in mnf. coupons

See- FREE after coupons are scanned (tax may be owed)!

here’s a MAKING MONEY scenario.

Blink Tears: $7.99 this week

Rite Aid Single Check Rebate: $7.99

Blink MNF Coupon(sunday paper): $2 off

Total= $7.99 + tax

-$2 mnf. coupon

-$7.99 SCR

=$2 moneymaker!

It’s THAT easy.

The internet is really an invaluable tool in all of this–you HAVE to have regualar and quick access to get the deals you want. Printing coupons, and finding blogs outlining this weeks deals is a MUST for you to make money at Rite Aid! Once you get started in it, you’ll find it’s EASY and FUN.  You’ll never pay full price for basics again!